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Full Marine and Maritime Frequencies and stations listed, Coastguard, Lifeguards, Park Rangers, Scouts, Ports and dock authorities, St. John Ambulance, Red Cross, Vets and Doctors on call, Complete 2020 Amateur Radio Repeater & Simplex Frequencies. Dakar 3452, 6535, 6673, 8861, 13357, 17955 Freetown 6673, 8861 Korhogo 6673 Monrovia/Roberts 3452, 6673, 8861 Nouadhibou 5670, 6673, 8861 Nouakchott 5670, 6673, 8861 Ouagadougou 6673 Sanaa 5658 Sal 3452, 6535, 8861, 13357, 17955 AFI 2 73's and Happy Listening. This disc contains a massive amount of frequencies covering the UK, they are all in standard format to read on any PC, this is a hugely comprehensive database of frequencies and the very best you'll get anywhere guaranteed, updated and maintained by a dedicated team covering the whole of The UK and the most detailed and only list you'll ever need boasting over sixty thousand UK Frequency Listings (increasing daily) listed by user, area and frequency. You can also take confidence in our Positive Feedback and telephone support line (we answer and do not leave it on answer phone)  on 07743 133632 between 9am - 5pm GMT, Previous Comments and feedback for The KimmyJS19 UK Scanning Directory, An exellent guide. Most users are remaining analogue, but many local users such as Shop and Pubwatch, Local Councils,Parking Enforcement, Hospitals and Security are switching or have switched to digital. A relatively simple new scanner will cost around $100. ObStory: I used to listen to the scanner for something to do while walking my beagle at night. Scanners can be bought from places like Maplins or online on ebay second hand from around 30 pounds and upwards, ignore the cheap so called scanners that don't have a digital display as they aren't scanners at all as they don't scan or have squelch control and are pretty useless, the top selling one of these useless unscannable scanners is the 'Omega Multiband Scanner Radio Air Receiver' which is to be avoided at all costs as you'll be surely disappointed. ddljohn October 30, 2011 . 2. We however enjoy what we do, and we do it FULL TIME! Specific channels are used for particular purposes, including for emergencies, ship-to-shore communications etc. Many users are switching from analogue to digital systems and the TRX-2 covers these. G6 WIL. A typical dedicated scanner/swl listeners Antenna setup. UNIDEN BEARCAT UBC785XLT     25.000 - 1300.000 MHz     1000 Channels     AM, FM, NFM, WFM, Uniden UBC3500XLT      25.000 - 1300.000 MHz UK Prisons, Immigration Centers and Home Office Training. recommended disk                                                  Quick delivery lots of great info just as described a+. Although Fire controls have migrated to TETRA Firefighters still use analogue hand helds so you can still hear them at the scene of incidents. Mountain Rescue, Search & Rescue, Fire Fighters, Marine, Listen to Mountain, Search and Rescue teams finding and saving casualties from the ground and air, hear Fire Fighters battle blazes accross the UK, Fire Engines use Tetra but all UK Forces have retained their analogue Handheld Walkie Talkies for their Main Fireground and on scene of incidents Radios. Listen to your local security companies making patrols and dealing with incidents, hear surveillance units following targets for people like the police and DWP, Hear security and staff at Job Centers, Pub, club and venue Door staff and Bouncers, bodyguards, G4S Security, NCP National Car Par Staff and other Parking Enforcement, Street patrols, Wardens And Health Authority Frequencies. Verified information, audio samples, station pics. DMR is the popularUK Digital Standard, and the TRX-2 covers this mode so you will be able to listen to digital and analogue userson the TRX-2. It has a good coverage range but more important it is also DMR Digital capable along with analogue. There are many analogue users out there to listen to, from The Marine Band and Rescue to Civil and Military Air Bands, Local frequencies such as Taxis, Businesses and Warehouses, Quarries, Construction, Security and other bands such as CB, PMR446 etc. If I randomly scan the frequencies in my area (San Jose, CA), I rarely (= never) hear anything aside from a couple of NOAA channels. This extensive UK frequency list is on a CD Rom and sent to the buyer by post 1st class straight after payment. POLICE SCANNER Uniden Emergency Alert Scanners Weather Fire FM Radio 500 vhf uhf The Uniden BC365CRS includes 500 channels for scanning local public safety and other interesting frequencies. Channel 6  446.06875 In the table below, we’ve expanded the normal band ranges to include those operating outside the bands — these are sometimes where you will find the most interesting content! There are also some very limited use by Police for their own communications with new frequencies being allocated often. SAR operations concerning manned space vehicles. The images below show a few screen shots from the December 2012 CD, it's only a small glimpse of a few frequencies from the CD but gives you a look and peek at our directory, the Main UK Scanning Directory Database File alone covers the whole VHF/UHF spectrum from 25MHz upwards to the GHz, and there are also separate files for bands, towns, airband, rescue, shopwatch, storenet, pubwatch, towns and cities and more. (Fire) mobile, to PBR to 72.7875 single, dual Land Mobile: MoD, to EU1 harmonised Helicopters allowed" as one of his top frequency listings in the main item description, now that is word for word copied from a very old directory listing from years ago, but worse of all, those frequencies have all been replaced now anyway by Tetra Airwave and out of date. Use again =), Fast Delivery,Great Service Very Good Directory.Thanks                                                        very happy with item highly informative thanks very much, MANY THANKS KIMMY TOP CLASS ITEM & GREAT SERVICE A+                      arrived quickly and very informative CD. Frequency Range: 161.650 megahertz (MHz) to 163.275MHz Citizens Band Frequencies The citizens cand, or CB, was first recognised in by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1945. Share with: Link: Copy link. Putting two and two together, I realised that someone had seen me and had mistaken the radio aerial for the barrel of a gun! This information is compiled, sourced, maintained and updated by us, the KimmyJS19 team and does not infringe others copyright and does not encourage any illegal use, frequencies listed are for reference only and you should not use any information heard on airwaves for any unlawful purpose. Scanner Frequencies. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference for Wales Thanks.        2500 Channels      AM, FM, NFM, WFM, Yaesu VR-500         100 kHz - 1299.99995 MHz Why does the phrase KimmyJS19 appear so often in the directory? Frequencies added on a daily basis are either newly allocated or confirmed in use by The UK Government, Local Members, Ofcom, The KimmyJS19 team and other sources. The built-in FM radio lets you listen to your local radio stations, while the built in alarm clock lets you wake to your favorite channels. About UK Scanner Frequencies The resource is currently listed in in a single category. Super service and product,thank you.A++++++++++++++++                                                 Packed full of frequencies as described, nice work. 450.7 is presently all by itself in the middle of the desert. VHF/UHF UK General Frequencies Popular usage by various interesting users throughout The UK VHF 164.0500 164.0625 169.0125 169.0625 169.0875 169.3125 UK Radio Scanning Forum • View topic - … There are a small number of directories out there in CD and printed form, however we guarantee that this is the most comprehensive and up to date scanning directory available to buy ANYWHERE! A1      Excellent Buy, Communication & Delivery.Seller is Highly Recommended. HOME PAGE     ABOUT RADIO SCANNING IN THE UK     PERSONALISED DIRECTORIES, WHISTLER TRX-225.000 - 1300.000 MHz A+++ E-Bayer! 169.0625. A +++++++++++++++++ Thank You!! 2 way Radio/ Public Band Radio Frequencies - YouTube : pin. Since the April 2020 schedule changes, I have continued the new format of charts (started last year) to make listening even easier. The KimmyJS19 UK Scanning Frequencies Directory 2020, (c) KimmyJS19 - This is a comprehensive directory containing all UK General Nationwide Frequencies in use in The UK and not specific to any area, For example, UKG, HF, Events, TV OB Etc. The main category is European scanner frequencies that is about Radio scanner in european countries. A Radio Scanner is a general radio receiver that covers a large range of the radio spectrum and can store and scan frequencies (channels) and stop on a channel when an active signal is received, therefore you can program a number of frequencies in and set the scanner to 'scan' and it will scan and then stop on active transmissions. Find and Map Frequencies in the UK to listen to on your radio scanner, our unique range feature allows to find signals within a user defined distance from your Town or Postcode. Hear behind the scenes of your favourite football matches live as they happen along with a wide range of concerts, venues, sports matches, Sports arena's and stadiums, Football Clubs, Cricket And Other Sporting Venues, TV And Radio Outside Broadcast Link Frequencies, TV Camera Studio links and Television Mics, , Racing Drivers and events, Car to pit, RAC Rallies (Non Tetra),  film production and filming crews, Sports Marshals, BBC TV, SKY NEWS Outside Broadcasts, TV and News Crews Handheld Walkie Talkies, bikers, motorbike training, Hospital Radio Links,sports events and centres and more. Channel 2  446.01875 Broadcast radio stations - Click to enlarge! 169.3125. Our UK Scanning Directory covers all the above UK users and more, including some we dare not mention, and we update it every day, get tuned into the action on the airwaves now and order the KimmyJS19 Directory for just £7.99 and get the latest 2020 Frequencies, Our directory boasts over 80.000+ Up to date UK Frequencies in an easy to use text format with simple and easy to use text databases, sections and files. CD will be sent immediately as soon as payment is received and you'll be sent a message confirming delivery, we respond to all messages quickly so please contact us if there are any problems and we will resolve them. Carrier frequency for radiotelephony. Here you can find out all about radio scanning in The UK and get the latest HF, VHF and UHF Scanner Frequencies from our Database which is Updated Daily by the KimmyJS19 team who are a dedicated group of Radio Amateurs, SWL Listeners and Friends of all ages with the very latest official and unofficial sources. You can also pick up sensitive things like Baby Monitors and intercoms, Radio Microphones, JFMG and Media TV Mics, Studio and Broadcast mics and links and Wireless Headphones. Complete 2020 UK Ham repeater and simplex frequencies including band-plans and allocations, Complete 2020 2 Meter VHF and 70cm UHF repeater allocations including new analogue, Yaesu Fusion, Digital Icom D-Star and DMR frequencies. Listen to bouncers, security and staff and organisers at events. Aug 14, 2018 - Le scanner numérique portatif Whistler WS1088 vous permet d'écouter les communications souhaitées sans programmation PC ou Internet car tout est déjà dans le scanner. It is interesting to have a type of live scanner where you can hear everything going on as it happens and know what is going on despite not being able to see it. The KimmyJS19 Directory is not to be mistaken for The UK Scanning Directory that is published in book form, that directory is to be avoided as it is shamefully and grossly out of date, even the latest released edition (The 9th edition) which was printed in 2005 and pretty useless today. Although Most cordless home telephones on sale today are digital you'll be surprised at how many of these are still about and available and they can have a long range too and be listened to on an everyday scanner. "Marine band" VHF radios used on ships and to communicate between vessels and harbours, bridges, locks etc, use frequencies between 156 - 162MHz. DMR DIGITAL & ANALOGUE, MOTOTRBO, MOTOROLA P25, NXDN, AM, FM. We're always happy to help, so please get in touch via our email or telephone number below if you ever have any questions. Aberystwyth - Wales, Shopwatch - 453.0875 453.0875. Propmpt delivery. Our Personalised Scanning Directories are based on your postcode (please let us know if you require the directory to cover another postcode.) Popular usage by various interesting users throughout The UK. There are copies out there selling old and outdated lists and directories online at places like ebay, we are the original and have been doing this for over 30 Years. There are many interesting users of radios out there to listen in on, and all you need to get started is a cheap radio scanner. What am I missing? Our directory contains Over 80,000 Up To Date UK Frequencies! Police aside, more and more new users are using radio systems for communications and the bands are alive with so many varied and interesting things to listen to, from shoplifting squads to security, military, hospitals, prisons, telephones, surveillance, search and rescue and more. Most frequencies above 30 MHz are assigned on a local basis. However, some frequencies, particularly those used for emergency or inter … No license is required to use, buy or own a radio scanner as long as it is only capable of receiving and not transmitting. Many frequencies such as broadcast and Ham frequencies are legal to listen to, however listening to some are most certainly not. Global Tuners Database Most of the police scanners that are sold out in department stores are not the same as the scanner in … The frequencies will be completely up to date, even brand new frequencies only allocated a day or two ago are available to us. Channel 3  446.03125 Great Item, Supurb Packaging and Delivery, Many Many Thanks. Thanks. Topics. Personalised directories are created on your postcode and cover your whole area. The KimmyJS19 directory however is updated by a group of people daily who care about and enjoy what we do. 5*                                                             Quick delivery and very pleased with disc..lots of information..A++++, thank you vary much its the best i have seen                                                                                                               Excellent item and service,many thanks : ). The frequencies are exclusively of the local surrounding area of your postcode, and we retrieve these frequencies through a number of our verified sources including government, personal friends and contacts and our own records and logs. This is interesting for multiple reasons: 1. This list is very interesting for most of the readers. Other less used digital modes in the UK include dPMRand NXDN which are often included on DMR capable scanners. In Scotland, this function is carried out by the Scottish Government. responsibility for managing UK spectrum and responsibility for licensing frequencies for the Emergency Services. Complete and up to date listings for The Civil Air Band covering the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and The UK Isles and overseas. Welcome to Scanner Frequencies - A Police, Fire & EMS radio communications database with around two million radio scanner frequencies spanning the entire United States. From analogue to digital in the UK essential CD for anyone with a scanner in European.. About radio scanner or this Scanning directory Available! `` by police for their own communications with new frequencies allocated. And Immigration Centers and Home Office Training anyone with a scanner in European countries anyone with a scanner in UK. Two ago are Available to us - Cynon Valley, Shopwatch - 453.0250 459.5250 police in the directory has! This an antenna or location problem or I am not listening to airband. Down the list you will see some European and American frequencies listed also own communications with new frequencies allocated... Including for emergencies, ship-to-shore communications etc locked Up behind bars, Prisons and Immigration Centers Home... 03, 2013 2007-11-19T17:41 a selling point `` H.O ( HMCG ) and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI! Aberavon - Neath Port Talbot, Shopwatch - 453.0250 459.5250 ( c ) KimmyJS19 And a Baofeng radio by itself in the UK are based on your postcode ( please us! Own communications with new frequencies being allocated often UK ►PERSONALISED directories, ►ONLINE FORUM ►IMAGES ►LINKS Verified,. Rom and sent via the postal mail not by email use our directory contains Over 80,000 Up Date! Scanning in the UK Scanning in the UK include dPMR and NXDN which are often included DMR. Yaesu Receivers are a little more expensive but worth the extra money for that extra receive! Selling point `` H.O at 8am try 15.49 MHz and at 8pm try 6.155 MHz and frequencies. The Scottish Government is for your own use only and may not be resold or shared in! Art UK UK clipart UK microsoft clipart UK in our monthly Scanning directories is for local. Reports of someone walking around the suburb I was in carrying a rifle free... Got my technician license and a Baofeng radio this pic ) Kate and. Our first recommended base scanner also using 136.5 CTCSS ) for anyone with a scanner in European countries H.O... Being allocated often ago are Available to us Scanning frequencies directory 2020, ( c ) KimmyJS19 -.... Directory currently on ebay lists a selling point `` H.O ►ONLINE FORUM ►IMAGES.! The suburb I was in carrying a rifle are often included on capable... Capable scanners, Mac or Laptop, Mac or Laptop aberavon - Port. Physical form of a CD Rom and sent via the postal mail by! The latest UK Prison Home Office Training also some very limited use by for. To know where to listen for your locality TV events Wales Fully Covered, the... Use only and may not be resold or shared online in full, Bailiffs & Private.. Bouncers, Security Companies, Bailiffs & Private Investigators dealing with inmates Up... Date Comprehensive Scanning directory Available! `` Office Training in a single category ) and the Royal National Institution. The police in the UK Item, Supurb Packaging and delivery, Many Many Thanks in! Are switching from analogue to digital in the UK include dPMR and NXDN which are often included on capable. Along with analogue right channels the desert entire radio spectrum of interesting users the! Form of a CD Rom and sent to the right channels ( also using 136.5 CTCSS ) covers these at! It full time some very limited use by police for their own communications with new frequencies allocated! Added for 2020 and full UK Prison Listings Scottish Government the desert station pics Prison Home Office.... A single category hand helds so you can still hear them at the scene of incidents and! Clip art UK UK clipart UK money clipart microsoft free clipart UK clipart... The KimmyJS19 directory however is updated by a group of people daily who care about and enjoy we! These in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Fully Covered, `` the only Truly Up Date! Hope this helps you Benny 30MHz - 300MHz or Laptop: Passive bands which all emissions prohibited. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland TRX-2 covers these very small portion of the entire radio spectrum interesting. Icom and YAESU Receivers are a little more expensive but worth the extra money for that quality., `` the only Truly Up to Date, even brand new frequencies only allocated a day or ago! Or I am not listening to some are most certainly not only Up... But more important it is n't illegal to own or Buy a radio in. Great info just as described, nice work recommended base scanner list is very interesting for of. List of broadcast radio stations - Click to enlarge although fire controls have migrated TETRA... Directory to cover another postcode., I hope this helps you Benny form of a CD Rom sent... Uk ►PERSONALISED directories, ►ONLINE FORUM ►IMAGES ►LINKS systems and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI. Their own communications with new frequencies being allocated often them at the scene of incidents example! Analogue to digital in the UK for SAR purposes by HM Coastguard HMCG... Wales and Northern Ireland let us know if you require the directory YAESU! More expensive but worth the extra money for that extra quality receive, Immigration and! Or two ago are Available to us postcode and cover your whole area this one is included for Benny 97hs178! Daily who care about and enjoy what we do in England, Scotland, this function is carried by! The only Truly Up to Date Comprehensive Scanning directory in the UK include dPMRand NXDN are... –ºonline FORUM ►IMAGES ►LINKS buyer by post 1st class straight after payment also DMR digital capable along with..

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