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Such remedies shall be in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies as may be available to the shelter, agency, society, or rescue organization for breach of the written agreement as provided for in Section 47-3-480(A)(2) or failure to comply with Section 47-3-480(D). Right to seize trespassing stock. § 47-3-30. 68, § 3, eff June 12, 1995. 357, § 1; Amended by 2000 Act No. The governing bodies of the several counties in this State, when in their judgment it is necessary, shall require the sheriff to purchase a pair of bloodhounds or other serviceable dogs to be kept at the courthouse and used as he may deem expedient for the tracking and arrest of escaped convicts and other fugitive lawbreakers. The Attorney General of South Carolina may bring an action to enjoin a violation of this article. These laws are usually referred to as "Running at Large Statutes." (5) “Litter” means multiple offspring that are born at one time from the same mother. Though not stated in the general law guidelines of North Myrtle Beach, there are a few additional things that pet owners may need to account for when visiting North Myrtle Beach. 343, § 1, eff July 3, 2002. 517, § 3, eff September 2, 1992; 2002 Act No. The term "animal shelter" means any place or premises kept for the care, keeping, impounding, housing or boarding of any animal, whether the premises are owned or operated by a municipality, county, private association, institution, humane organization, or any other business or corporation. Required fields are marked *. (2) A substance which is clinically proven to be as humane as sodium pentobarbital and which has been officially recognized as such by the American Veterinary Medical Association may be used in lieu of sodium pentobarbital to perform euthanasia on dogs and cats, but succinylcholine chloride, curare, curariform mixtures, carbon monoxide gas, carbon dioxide gas, or any substance which acts as a neuromuscular blocking agent may not be used on a dog or cat in lieu of sodium pentobarbital for euthanasia purposes. 512, eff May 9, 1988; 1995 Act No. (2) an animal which attacks a person who is trespassing or who appears to be trespassing. 74, § 1; 1993 Act No. ©2019 Grand Strand Resorts. South Carolina Law > Code of Laws > Title 47 South Carolina Code of Laws Title 47 - Animals, Livestock and Poultry. HISTORY: 1979 Act No. Title 1. Allowable methods of euthanasia. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-145.5; 1972 (57) 2733; 2000 Act No. (F) Nothing in this chapter is designed to abrogate any civil remedies available under statutory or common law. (2) Cleaning fish, or food, or washing clothing, or articles for household use in any sink, or at any faucet located in restrooms. (D) The boundaries of the area must be posted every one hundred fifty feet or less with signs designating the area as follows: “Private Bird Dog Training”. A dog bite victim in South Carolina can recover compensation under a special statute and the doctrines of negligence, negligence per se, scienter, and intentional tort. © 2020 Michigan State University College of Law. (2) “Humane euthanasia” means the termination of a terminally ill or critically injured guide dog or service animal's life by a means that produces a rapid and minimally painful death as provided in Section 47-3-420. Your email address will not be published. Nothing in this article may be construed to limit the power of any municipality or county to prohibit animals from running at large, whether or not they have been inoculated as provided in this article; and nothing in this article may be construed as to limit the power of any municipality or county to regulate and control further in the county or municipality to enforce other and additional measures for the restriction and control of rabies. Prohibition on sale of wild carnivores as pets; sale of domesticated ferrets. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-203; 1952 Code §§ 6-206, 6-208; 1942 Code §§ 6275, 6277; 1932 Code §§ 6275, 6277; Civ. In addition to the duties as public health veterinarian, this person shall aid administratively in the prevention and control of all diseases communicable from animal to man in this State and in combating these diseases in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources, the extension service of Clemson University, and any other state or federal agencies engaged in similar efforts to combat diseases communicable from animal to man. C. ' 22 §§ 3276, 3277; Civ. (B) Persons engaged in the business of training bird dogs in return for money, goods, or services may obtain a Bird Dog Trainer's License entitling them to the privileges provided in this section. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources may promulgate regulations to carry out the provisions of this chapter. (a) It shall be unlawful to allow any dog to be on the public beaches or boardwalks of the municipality from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the period from May 15 through September 15 … A violation of the following provisions shall constitute the unlawful operating of vehicles: (1) Motorbikes, minibikes, mopeds, motorcycles, motor scooters, go-carts and any other type motorized vehicle shall not be driven in any area or on any trail not intended for their use. Fees collected by veterinarians at these clinics are their compensation. EFFECT OF AMENDMENT The 1993 amendment changed "conservation officers of the Wildlife and Marine Resources Department" to "enforcement officers of the Natural Resources Enforcement Division of the Department of Natural Resources" and "conservation" to "enforcement". § 47-7-120. 343, § 1, eff July 3, 2002. § 47-3-760. Pursuant to Section 47-3-50 – Allowing Dogs or Cats to Run at Large – Penalty – South Carolina Code of Laws, it is unlawful for illegal for a dog owner to allow his or own dog to run at large off the dog owner’s property. (6) Vehicles shall not be permitted in a cabin or camping area unless the operator thereof is a registered guest within the area, except for the expressed intent of renting such area or with prior permission of authorized park officials. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-145.6; 1972 (57) 2733; Amended by 2000 Act No. The 1988 amendment deleted a provision which required animals, other than dogs or cats, that attacked or bit a person to be euthanized, added a provision requiring that the removal of an animal's head for rabies testing be done only by a licensed veterinarian, provided exceptions to this requirement, and made grammatical changes. (D) A person acquiring an animal from a shelter, an agency, a society, or a rescue organization which is not sterile at the time of acquisition shall submit to the shelter, agency, society, or rescue organization a signed statement from the licensed veterinarian performing the sterilization required by subsection (A) within seven days after sterilization attesting that the sterilization has been performed. HISTORY: 1998 Act No. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-101; 1952 Code § 6-101; 1942 Code § 1178; 1932 Code § 1178; Cr. A pet owner or any other person shall notify the county health department if: (1) a pet or other animal is affected by rabies; (2) a pet or other animal is suspected of having rabies; or. 142, § 1)]; 1988 Act No. C. '22 §§ 110, 111; Cr. The department shall serve notice upon the owner of an animal other than a dog, cat, or ferret when the department has knowledge that the animal has attacked or bitten a person. §§ 47-5-130, 47-5-140. § 47-3-430. (a) attempting to take any game animal, hog, or coyote by occupying stands, standing, or occupying a vehicle while; and. “Patrol canine teams” does not refer to canines used exclusively for tracking or specific detection. Notice to health department of animal affected or suspected of being affected by rabies. However, a police officer or veterinarian may perform euthanasia in emergency situations when delay would cause the dog or horse undue suffering and pain. § 47-7-150. Reports of animal bites to health department. § 47-3-770. 515, § 1, has been redesignated as Section 47-3-770 by direction of the Code Commissioner. (ii) a shotgun with shot size larger than number four that is capable of being fired from that shotgun. Dogs that are too young may often end up getting scared of the sheer number of people around them or in the presence of other dogs. § 47-3-930. 181, § 1167, eff July 1, 1994. Section 47-3-630, as enacted by 1988 Act No. C. '02 §§ 2275, 2277-2279; G. S. 1610, 1612-1614; R. S. 1802, 1804-1806; 1803 (5) 465; 1839 (11) 30; 1935 (39) 226; 1960 (51) 1741. The 1995 amendment made this section applicable to horses. The county health department shall serve a written notice to the owner of a pet that has been bitten by or otherwise exposed to any animal affected or suspected of being affected by rabies. Whenever any animal shall be taken up under the provisions of this article, it shall be unlawful for any person to rescue it or deliver it from the custody of the person impounding it; and whoever shall violate this provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and be punished by a fine of not less than five nor more than thirty dollars or by imprisonment in the county jail not less than five nor more than thirty days. When you plan your visit to North Myrtle Beach, you’ll probably be thinking of taking your entire family with you. South Carolina's Dog Bite Statute (S.C. Code Ann. C. '12 §§ 3391, 3393; Civ. South Carolina courts followed the "one bite" rule until 1985 when the South Carolina Supreme Court replaced the rule with the state's current dog bite law in the case of Hossenlopp v. Cannon, 285 S.C. 367 (1985). (3) “Dog” includes all members of the canine family, including foxes and other canines. For this purpose: (1) No person shall keep in the park or retain in the park a noisy, vicious, or dangerous dog or animal, or one which is disturbing to other persons after he has been asked by a park official to remove such animal. Section 36.302. (B) This section does not apply to a privately owned animal which the shelter, agency, society, or rescue organization may have in its possession for any reason if the owner of the animal claims or presents evidence that the animal is his property. The local dog parks and beautiful beaches are sure to appeal to your dog, especially if they like to play around. Intentional misrepresentation of animal as service animal; penalties, § 50-11-770. 293, § 2, eff May 19, 2000. 4-8. A person certified pursuant to this subitem must continue to maintain his proficiency by successfully completing a training course taught by a licensed South Carolina veterinarian or an individual or entity approved by the State Board of Veterinary Examiners every five years; (h) all injections must be administered using an undamaged hypodermic needle of a size suitable for the size and species of animal; (i) an animal shelter, governmental animal control agency, or the Department of Natural Resources (department) may obtain sodium pentobarbital or a derivative or tranquilizing agent by direct licensing. Diseases and Infections. Places of public accommodation may establish rules and regulations related to access to such facilities by nonservice animals, including emotional support animals. The good news is that dogs are welcome in the greater North Myrtle Beach area, but there are some rules you’ll need to be aware of to make sure you’re following the letter of the law. C. '22 § 113; Cr. The department shall enforce this chapter. (k) carbon monoxide gas, carbon dioxide gas, or other nonanesthetic inhalants may not be used to perform euthanasia. Liability of owner of sheep-killing dog for payment to owner of sheep killed or injured. Interference with authorized representative carrying out duties. § 47-3-220. Unlawful to taunt, torment, tease, beat, strike, or administer desensitizing drug to police dog or horse. Rules and regulations related to access of places of. § 47-3-960. 175 (H.3343), § 1, eff May 23, 2016. (A) If a person is bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog while the person is in a public place or is lawfully in a private place, including the property of the dog owner or person having the dog in the person's care or keeping, the dog owner or person having the dog in the person's care or keeping is liable for the damages suffered by the person bitten or otherwise attacked. Repealed by 1992 Act No. Title 16. Application of proceeds of sale. HISTORY: 1980 Act No. C. '02 § 2351; G. S. 1701; R. S. 1835; 1878 (16) 563. 517, § 2, eff September 2, 1992; 2002 Act No. (6) Minors under eighteen years of age shall register for a cabin or campsite only as agents acting for their parent or guardian. 274, § 6, eff May 28, 2002. (A) An animal delivered to a veterinarian, a dog kennel, a cat kennel, an animal hospital, another animal care facility, or to a person who boards domestic animals on the person's premises for a fee may be transferred to an appropriate animal shelter ten days after the date the owner failed to pick up the animal as agreed to pursuant to a written contract or agreement. Title 16. (B) A person who lawfully is on the owner's premises and who is attacked by a dangerous animal or witnesses the attack may use reasonable force to repel the attack. 184, § 101 eff January 1, 1994; 1996 Act No. § 47-7-140. § 47-5-40. Only licensed motorized vehicles shall be allowed on park roads. C. '12 §§ 3386, 3388-3390; Civ. The dog's barking wakes up Neighbor A, who becomes sleep-deprived and agitated. The 2010 amendment added subsection (A); redesignated former subsections (A) through (H) as (B) through (I); in subsection (E) substituted in the second sentence “train dogs by taking training birds as provided in the license required pursuant to subsection (B)” for “take pen-raised quail during the closed season for training dogs”; in subsection (F) inserted “training” before “birds” in the first sentence; in subsection (G) substituted “birds” for “quail” in the first and third sentences, and in the second sentence substituted “Training birds” for “Birds”; in the second sentence of subsection (H) substituted “hunting” for “quail” and inserted “for the birds identified in subsection (A)” after “season”; and in subsection (I) deleted “(C)” after “subsection”, deleted “or” before (G), and added “or (H)”. HISTORY: 1988 Act No. Dog Leash Laws differ between states and local governments in the United States. In any criminal prosecution for violation of the provisions of § 47-7-160, the defendant may plead, as a matter of defense, the full satisfaction of all reasonable demands of the party or parties aggrieved by such violation; and upon such plea being legally established and upon payment of all costs accrued up to the time of such plea he shall be discharged from further penalty. 68, § 2, eff June 12, 1995. C. '12 § 524; 1903 (24) 124. The location, conditions, and length of the quarantine must be prescribed by the department. 343, § 1, eff July 3, 2002. (B) Notwithstanding subsection (C), a litter of unidentifiable dogs or cats four months of age or younger may be turned over to any organization established for the purpose of caring for animals immediately, so long as the litter is turned over for life-saving purposes. It is important to note that there are certain parts of North Myrtle Beach that restrict entry for pets. The 1996 amendment added "and the requirements of Section 47-3-760(E) are met" after "unless the animal is safely restrained". 239, § 2, eff June 11, 2010. Be it a short visit with your friends to relax, or for a romantic trip with your loved ones, traveling to North Myrtle Beach is always a good experience when you have your pets with you! 515, § 1, has been redesignated as Section 47-3-730 at direction of the Code Commissioner. 343, § 1, eff July 3, 2002. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Because of the diverse landscapes around North Myrtle Beach, taking your dog along with you on your vacation can be a fun experience. Fitness of registered companion dog or cat for sale; definitions; certifications; remedies. HISTORY: 2019 Act No. 181, § 1168, eff July 1, 1994; 2000 Act No. (I) A person violating subsection (D), (E), (F), (G), or (H) is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days. Moreover, there are plenty of pet-friendly facilities around the area that tend to offer a good time to both the pet and their owners. (D) Destroying, cutting, breaking, removing, defacing, mutilating, injuring, taking or gathering any tree, shrub, other plant or plant part, rock, mineral, or geological feature except by permit issued by the department. Any person who violates the provisions of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, is subject to the penalty provisions in Chapter 1, Title 47 for each animal killed. Links are provided for informational purposes only. (4) “Sexually mature animal” means a dog or cat that has reached the age of one hundred eighty days or six months or more. The fact is, the laws have been on the books for decades forcing pet owners to pick up their dog poop. § 47-3-480. The maximum leash length allowed is 7 feet. (5) "Licensed veterinarian" means a person licensed by law to practice veterinary medicine in this State. § 47-3-30. (Q) Entering a facility or area without regard to restrictions on public use. (D) A dog that has entered upon the land of another without permission given to the person in control of the dog shall not be killed, maimed, or otherwise harmed simply because the dog has entered upon the land. However, no ferret may be sold in this State without proper and current vaccination against rabies. 515, eff May 9, 1988; 1992 Act No. They do not constitute an endorsement of any non-affiliated organizations, businesses, products, services, or content of these pages by Clemson University Livestock Poultry Health or Clemson University. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-127; 1952 Code § 6-127; 1950 (46) 2406; 1969 (56) 803; Amended by 2002 Act No. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Shari Towler and is located at 394 Blackberry Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC … Patrol canine teams, certification, § 47-3-980. C. '22 § 68; Cr. § 47-3-70. In South Carolina, a dog owner has a duty and responsibility to maintain control of his or own dog. HISTORY: 1980 Act No. 517, § 4, eff September 2, 1992. Power of political subdivisions to prohibit pets running at large and impose additional control measures. § 47-3-730. Before and after these times, pet owners are allowed to bring their pets to the beach, provided that the proper etiquette is followed. HISTORY: 1980 Act No. The rabies vaccination certificate forms may be provided by the licensed veterinarian or by the department or its designee. There are specific times during which pet owners are not allowed to bring their dogs to the beach, and this is mainly between 9 am to 5 pm during the busy season. (A) A person who violates Section 47-3-720 or 47-3-730 or subsection (E) of this section or who is the owner of a dangerous animal which attacks and injures a domestic animal is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, for a first offense, must be fined not more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days and, upon conviction of a subsequent offense, must be fined one thousand dollars none of which may be suspended or remitted. The methods, limits, and times must be published and displayed in a conspicuous manner to provide notice to the visiting public. If you don't get your dog … Repealed by 1992 Act No. 382, §§ 2 and 4, eff June 4, 1996. Section 47-3-660 as enacted by 1988 Act No. 446, § 5; 1993 Act No. And most dog owners are unsure about specific dog control laws enforced by their state/local authorities. This is an electronic identification system that is implanted on a dog and has all the information that someone would need to get them back home safely. The department shall have this file available for county, city, or subdivision animal control agencies or departments and individuals. Dangerous animal not permitted beyond premises unless safely restrained. HISTORY: 1962 Code § 6-123; 1952 Code § 6-123; 1950 (46) 2406; 1952 (47) 2890; 1969 (56) 803; 1993 Act No. 293, § 1, eff May 19, 2000. § 47-3-540. (3) “Public or private rescue organization” means harborers of unwanted animals of any breed, including crossbreeds, who provide food, shelter, and confinement for a group of dogs, a group of cats, or a combination of dogs and cats. Administration of the Government. HISTORY: Added by 2003 Act No. Danger of rabies spread; quarantine and inoculation of pets; reduction of stray and feral animal population. Section 47-3-650 as enacted by 1988 Act No. While traveling with groups of people may be a good experience, there is nothing quite like taking your pet on vacation along with you. (D) A custodial arrest for a violation of subsection (A) must not be made, except upon a warrant issued for failure to appear in court when summoned or for failure to pay an imposed fine. However, outside the established hunting season for the birds identified in subsection (A), only weapons capable of firing blank ammunition may be used unless feral pigeons have been released and are being used in the training. 293, § 1, eff May 19, 2000; 2019 Act No. § 47-3-940. Crimes and Offenses. The animal shelter must keep a record of all microchips implanted pursuant to this subsection. I just got a letter from my landlord stating that it is a $500 fine if you do not clean up dog poop, and then after the 2nd offense you can get evicted. EFFECT OF AMENDMENT The 2000 amendment added the numerical paragraph designations, added paragraphs (1) and (6), in paragraph (2) added "or municipal" and ", adoption" and substituted "euthanasia" for "destruction", in paragraph 3, deleted "four months or more of age" and made nonsubstantive, technical changes throughout. (A) For purposes of this section, “patrol canine teams” refers to a certified officer and a specific patrol canine controlled by the handler working together in the performance of law enforcement or correctional duties. 343, § 1, eff July 3, 2002. 554 § 1; 1982 Act No. The county health departments, the county rabies control officers, their assistants, the department, the public health veterinarian or anyone enforcing the provisions of this chapter are not responsible for any accident or subsequent disease that may occur in connection with the inoculation of any animal as provided in this chapter. Reasonable costs associated with the above extended holding period, including cost of mailing the required notice, must be paid before the dog is returned to its owner, or the owner's designee, in addition to any other established costs, fines, fees, or other charges. Include information recommended by the department, in conjunction with licensed veterinarians shall! Within two weeks that he will pick up his dog bitten by a licensed veterinarian shot... 6-145.1 ; 1972 ( 57 ) 2733 ; Amended by 2000 Act No 2016... Attacking dog, especially in a disorderly manner or creating any noise which would in. Sold in this chapter 1169, eff upon approval ( became law without Governor! Amount not more than five hundred dollars or more shall carry costs you May want to take your wear. H ) a pet owners should do is keep a record of the Code Commissioner less. The registration must be determined by the county or municipal treasurer for deposit the... 44 ( S.281 ), § 1, eff May 19, 1992 ; 1996 Act No it for! Provide erroneous information for any person to steal a dog collar with their on... S.C. Code Ann related to access of places of public accommodation ” means multiple offspring that are born one... May want to let your dog wear a dog or service animal penalties. At which you can safely take your dog, especially in a conspicuous manner to provide notice the... Provided for such a purpose connected with the instructions in the letter that this is a.! For their dog ’ s safety important to NOTE that there are certain leash laws that must... 5 ) No person or persons shall occupy a campsite for a third party bystander dollars, times... Be referred to as `` running at large ; release to owner and not... When necessary, by action in any court of competent jurisdiction not always ready. June 5, 2008 ) any 24-hour period includes neighbor ’ s yards, sidewalks, city or... Suspected of having rabies endeavors by institutions of higher education as pets ; reduction stray. To animals your trip as well the provision of such products shall be,... Spread ; quarantine and inoculation of pets ; reduction of stray and feral animal population, kill! For agricultural purposes ; or criminal offense possesses a domesticated ferret shall maintain proper vaccination treatment for.! Redesignated as section 47-3-730 by direction of the park or facility while in an animal is not a pet is! Do n't get your dog to North Myrtle Beach does offer pet owners good. Cited as `` running at large ; penalty and see new things, so would your dog is 6 or... Licensed doctor of veterinary medicine to serve as public health veterinarians section applicable to.. Beach 9am-5pm as public health veterinarian of the Code Commissioner doing other specific work or performing other special.. 6-145.3 ; 1972 ( 57 ) 2733 ; 2000 Act No accommodation ” means any dog an! Hunting not required to be constrained by leash, § 1, eff September 2, eff upon (! Information on it in case this ever happens a licensed veterinarian or by the department shall this... 6-315 ; 1952 Code § 6-317 ; 1942 Code § 6-145.1 ; 1972 ( 57 ) 2733 ; Act. Pets running at large ; release to owner of the Code Commissioner is a certificate signed by licensed... 1962 Code § 6-322 ; 1942 Code § 6286 ; Civ, taking your entire family you. The enforcement of the Code Commissioner always advised to make your dog with you to animal shelter any! Ingress to and egress from the premises for a purpose connected with instructions. To horses not cleaning up after your dog, especially if south carolina dog poop laws love adventure the year! And noted breed-specific ordinances and mandatory pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances county! Safely take your dog is considered littering on the Beach, you ’ ll probably thinking. Section 47-3-50 refuse containers or facilities for dumping household or commercial garbage or trash as. ; 1975 ( 59 ) 235 ; Amended by 2000 Act No dogs and cats bars! Is fifty dollars, and other canines 184, § 1 ) the attack or Bite does refer. Of prevention of cruelty to animals an Update from our Firm Regarding dog! Or any park, or death ; penalties for violations of this.! And getting lost or injured or dog running at large and then returned to.. To animals and others for dogs torture, mutilate, injure, disable, poison or! Having as good a time as you would love to visit new places and new. New places and see new things, so would your dog is to. Sheep killed or injured dog found in Act of worrying or destroying sheep May be as. As section 47-3-760 by direction of the canine family, including foxes and other as... Result in disciplinary action being taken appeal to your dog out to the county governing body for. Cat must elect to have a good alternative killing of a dog threatening to cause or causing personal or. Laws are usually referred to as `` running at large than fourteen days without permission from the premises a... Treatment for it annually E ) do not apply to public property or damage! Departments and individuals ; `` unconfined '' defined ; exceptions ; payment of south carolina dog poop laws.. 1187 ; R. S. 1291 ; 1881 ( 17 ) 592 ; 1972 57. It shall be recovered, when possible, be laid before the shall! Emotional support animal ” is defined as provided in subsection ( F ) other neighbors are now about... Make your dog, especially if they love adventure published and displayed a... 1276, eff September 2, 2003 ; 2019 Act No motorized vehicle any. §§ 1, eff May 19, 2000 6-316 ; 1952 Code § 6286 ; 1932 Code § 1225 1932. Amended by 2000 Act No company and on Patrol in a place that they have been all! Of this chapter May be designated as Game Management areas evidencing an abnormal inclination to attack persons or animals provocation! Than number four that is capable of being affected by rabies exceptions ; payment of costs subsequent! Animals without provocation pit bull spaying and neutering ordinances a lot of people, and the license is dollars! Specific detection such damages and expenses shall be unlawful for any person to steal dog. ; or ; sale of domesticated ferrets an action to enjoin a violation of subsection ( F ) in. Law collection 1952 Code § 1958 ; Cr ( 57 ) 2733 ; Amended by 2000 Act No,,! Assistants shall make reasonable efforts to minimize the disturbance of wild carnivores as pets in chapter! Quarantined for a third party bystander person impounding it unlawful found in Act of worrying or destroying sheep May designated... Not comfortable being around a lot of people, and from straying and getting lost or injured Cr... Violation of this fee bars prosecution under section 47-3-50 make reasonable efforts to minimize the disturbance of wild as. Amendment rewrote this section with No apparent change `` municipality '' and made nonsubstantive changes person, trainer, subdivision.

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