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He was one of the main antagonists of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. A statue of Hera falls and would have killed Percy and Annabeth if Thalia had not pushed them out of the way. Luke Castellan is a Greek demigod, son of Hermes and May Castellan. [last lines] Annabeth Chase: [leaning in as if to kiss Percy, then swiping his sword] First rule of battle … Luke remembers this and finds this camper in the form of a twelve-year old boy named Percy. Thalia is resurrected at last. Kronos's scythe had liquefied into molten metal and was trickling into the coals of the hearth, which now glowed like a blacksmith's furnace. Lukabeth is the het ship between Annabeth Chase and Luke Castellan from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandom. This would also cause him to fear Kronos greatly for many of his later years. Luke has betrayed Percy in the past on greater than one occasion. Jan 2, 2019 - Son of Hermes. And then he ran away because he didn't like being with his mother. A year after his defection, Luke took control of a monster cruise ship called the Princess Andromeda, which serves as his base of operations. He may have a small sphere of control over items of luxury, like in the Sea of Monsters, when he waved over three chairs and they scooted themselves out of the table. Well it turns out she has a sister named Elizabeth and they are the daughters of Athena. A beaten Annabeth gives Percy her knife, as they both realized that Luke was the true hero of the prophecy. Backbiter, in The Ultimate Guide, is said to have been used to kill Ouranos. She cries after she finds out that Luke became Kronos's host when they run into him in the Labyrinth. The first time was at the end of. He apparently supplies his fellow campers with modern technology. He also frames Chiron for the poisoning, causing him to be fired from the camp and be replaced by Tantalus. Luke nació alrededor del año 1987 en Westport, Connecticut. CANON Son of Hermes Hero of the Great Prophecy Former Head Counselor of Hermes Cabin Vital Statistics Gender Male Family Hermes (Father) May Castellan (Mother) Status Deceased (possibly reborn) Eye Color Blue (as Luke) Gold (as Kronos) Hair Color Blonde (streak of gray as of The Titan's Curse Height 6'1 Other Affiliation Titans Weapons Backbiter Species Demigod Home Camp Half-Blood (formally) Princess Andromeda (formally) Greek/Roman form None Appearances *The Lightning Thief (Film) The Sea of Monsters The Titan's Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth The Last Olympian Actor Jake Abel Death = 2009 Quests Before Retrieve a Golden Apple at the Garden of Hesperides-Failed. He wanted to tear Olympus down, stone by stone at that point. Percy's mother was written as a very kind, understanding, mature, and … During this time, Luke told the two of his plans to use the Golden Fleece to complete Kronos' resurrection and attempts to recruit Percy and Annabeth to his cause (not willing to recruit Tyson as he reminds him of the cyclops that captured him and Thalia years ago). Percy deserved someone better than that, even if that someone had to be him. He was honored by this offer, but eventually began to question it, as it was done before by Hercules, and he didn't want to do a quest someone had already done. However, Annabeth refuses, not trusting him anymore, possibly because he left her alone after she took the sky for him. It is said that the scar was created when Luke stole a golden apple and was then clawed by the guardian dragon of the tree. Several shards lashed back at Ethan and impaled him, and he staggered to the ground. Unlike Percy's swordRiptide which can't hurt mortals, (as they aren't "important enough to kill") Backbiter can hurt immortals like gods, monsters, and mortals. Because monsters of Hades were unusually active and because it was as yet unknown that the Helm of Darkness was also stolen, it was believed that Hades was the Lightning thief and the group set out to go to the Underworld. Annabeth is suspicious, however, and refuses, despite her determination to save Luke. Theodora Sara Olympia Lily Potter, is ordinary girl with dyslexia and ADHD. The two battle, with Luke gaining his scar and the Master Bolt changing hands several times until Luke seemingly has Percy defeated. Character Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossover. Used to be friends, likely a former one-sided crush (Annabeth) Silena is shown to be in charge of the Pegasus stables. It's made from Celestial bronze and mortal steel. He also carried a bronze knife which he gave to Annabeth. Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Sea of Monsters. Luke then managed to make it safely back to Mount Olympus before anyone noticed his absence, but Kronos began to punish Luke with nightmares and he swore never to fail again. When Thalia got injured by a monster and Luke and Annabeth wanted to rest, Luke took them to his mother's house to heal their wounds. Although he is considered as the main mortal series' antagonist, he died at age twenty three as a hero of the Great Prophecy. Her continuous faith in Luke is what served her in the end when Luke disarms her and is about to kill her. Together, the quartet began to travel to Camp Half-Blood but were chased by monsters sent by Hades. Finally, there was no mention of Luke's association with Kronos, heavily implying that Luke acted alone. According to Thalia, Luke began to act like he had something to prove after that moment. He begs her to run away with him, as the thought of becoming Kronos' vessel apparently becomes too much for him. In this way, he is more 'heroic' in the old sense of the terms, such as the stories of Theseus, Jason or Hercules. It was revealed that ever since Luke died, Annabeth has wrestled with the thought that his blood was on her hands and that his death was her fault. Percyjacksonandtheolympians Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Try for three times.Isles of the Blest". Infobox Percy Jackson character colour = name = Luke Castellan caption = He fought with Thalia ,Annabeth,and Grover on the hill. If, nonetheless, Luke handles to do as he guarantees, after that Olympus will be conserved. Lu… Percy Jackson is the 15-year-old son of Poseidon. Meanwhile Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia follow closely after. If he provides Luke the knife, just for Kronos to regain control, the Olympian gods will be destroyed. It has been one month since the Titan War. Luke is a son of Hermes (the god of thieves) and May Castellan, a female mortal who can see through The Mist. Annabeth, Percy, and Grover are the first heroes to return alive to Half-Blood Hill since Luke, so they participate in a traditional feast and burn the burial shrouds that the other campers made for them.At the campfire that night, Percy watches Grover’s satyr friends admire Grover’s searcher ’s license. Percy Jackson left his camp to wander around the world. Luke apparently was able to injure Ladon and steal a claw; he has since kept the Ladon's claw in the Big House attic. In The Lightning Thiefhe betrays Percy, joining Kronos in his army against the gods. Percy could sense that the two metals were trying to escape each other during the forging, and that someone (most likely the forger) died in the creation of the sword. However, this failed when Percy gave the shoes to Grover because Percy shouldn't fly, because Zeus is the Lord of the Skies and does not like Percy. Luke Castellan was a Greek demigod, the son of Hermes and May Castellan. He was honored by this offer, but eventually began to question it, as it was done before byHercules. He wore a white chiton, which made him look timeless. One night after a Capture the Flag game, he summons a hellhound to attack Percy in an attempt to make Chiron, the camp activities director, believe that the camp isn't safe for Percy. I can't let you that bolt to Olympus. However, he managed to save himself by speaking in Kronos's words that if the Master Bolt was successfully stolen, there would be a full-scale war. His demeanor becomes marginally softer as he occasionally displays a moral compass that was previously unseen. When they approach the island of the Sirens, Annabeth sees Luke in one of her visions, because she still hopes that she can get him back. Type (?) Nothing can dampen Percy’s spirits; his cabin doesn’t feel lonely anymore. Together, Percy and Luke go on the run - or retire, as they like to call it - from being heroes and pawns of the gods. Percy thought he looked too healthy, because his skin had a unnatural glow to it. Though this may have been a matter of magic, as the Titan army had a knack for enchanting items to bend to their will. Thalia refuses and the two engage in a duel. ", according to. Luke then summons a pit scorpion to poison Percy. The arrow was shot by Chiron and his family of centaurs who had just arrived and proceeded to save them. He was possessed by the Titan, Kronos. Camp Half-Blood Chronicles Luke then tells his father that he couldn't possibly love him if he wouldn't tell him, and left with Thalia and Annabeth angrily. When Percy escapes, Luke's spite and hatred for the son of Poseidon only increases. When Jason asks Annabeth, who looks pained, who he is, she says "That's Luke. There have been some changes to his character, one of the most notable being that Luke claims he has never met his father, despite the fact that in the book series their only meeting has a profound effect on their relationship and the way Luke views the Olympians. Although he is generally very attractive, his appearance has varied over the books. He has a strong spirit, because even after Kronos chooses him as his host, he can still make his own choices in the end. Lukabeth She reminds him of his promise to her years ago, "Family, Luke. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This caused her eyes to fail her like her family had failed her. Then, Luke asks Annabeth if she loved him. Percy discovers this is the choice he should make, that will either save or ruin Olympus. Upon discovering that Luke is the Lightning Thief in the Underworld, they confront each other atop the Empire State Building. Kronos, now having another internal struggle with Luke, opens a fissure in the floor beneath Ethan, and he tumbled to his death. It was then that he began to hold a grudge against Olympus and his father, Hermes, who he felt didn't love him. Knowing that Percy was the boy that Kronos was talking about, Luke befriends the boy and is successful in earning his trust. For Percy Jackson fans who appreciate a little humor with their action, Greg Belmont is their guy. Sally Jackson: Jenna Fischer. Luke Castellan He is a demigod son of the Greek god Hermes. Luke's betrayal was a surprise to many campers and counselors, especially to Annabeth, who reacted with great sadness at the loss of another childhood friend. Author Note: Hi! Het. Upon reaching the Camp Half-Blood border, Thalia chose to sacrifice herself so that Luke, Grover, and Annabeth could get into camp without being killed by the monsters that were hot on their trail. His usually tanned skin becomes ghostly pale, and his hair is also white (supposedly with gray streaks), especially under the moonlight. Luke Castellan is a Greek demigod son of Hermes and May Castellan. Luke Castellan is one of the main antagonists (being a traitor) in Rick Riordan 's Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. By contrast, the Percy Jackson movies made the age difference between Percy and Luke invisible and taking away how shocking it would be to have a 12-year-old falling off a bridge or fight gigantic monsters and facing gods. Luke showed his darker side as a villian for most of the series, so his character was mostly described as 'evil', however he was a hero in the end, so his character was probably confused but good. When he was fourteen Luke found Thalia Grace and Annabeth Chase, and they fought for survival and avoided monsters together. Although Luke succeeded in his mission, his failure to defeat Ares cost him dearly. Luke Castellan is a Greek demigod, son of Hermes and May Castellan. When Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus, the River Acheron shows Annabeth an image of Luke dying, his blood on her dagger. Not long after the battle atop Mount Tamalpais, Luke approaches Annabeth under a flag of truce. After Thalia 's resurrection, Kronos' second in command, Atlas, devised a plan to capture the Ophiotaurus , which would grant the power to destroy Olympus to whomever killed it and burned it's entrails. signaling Annabeth has still not gotten over his death yet. It is possible and very likely that Luke's allegiance to Kronos was affected after this. Used to be friends, likely a former one-sided crush (Annabeth). He obviously wanted Thalia to be resurrected, shown when he says to Percy that he was going to give him the Fleece after he was done using it to resurrect Kronos. It is commonly debated as to whether Luke returned Annabeth’s feelings. Throughout the course of the book, Annabeth still clings on to the hope that Luke is still in there, and in the end, she wakes Luke up when she is lying on the ground weaponless, with Luke standing over her, preparing to finish her off. Before Percy goes on his quest, Luke gives him a pair of winged shoes as a gift. You promised." Luke's left side was bloody. In 2010, Abel had a role in the film adaptation of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief playing Luke Castellan which released on February 12, 2010 (later returning in the sequel, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, which was released on August 7, 2013). RIP. Percy and his allies landed aboard the Princess Andromeda, not knowing of its true nature, and were captured. Percy x Luke This is an alternate ending of Percy jackson and the last Olympians. Annabeth managed to coax Luke back to his own mind. These shoes were actually cursed to drag him, along with the Master Bolt, down into Tartarus when he neared it during his journey into the Underworld. When Luke was about nineteen, he was told in a dream from Kronos that another camper would be coming toCamp Half-Blood, one who would unwittingly take the stolen weapons of the gods down to Tartarus, therefore ensuring that there would be a war. Luke is seen in pictures belonging to Thalia. While the other campers and counselors were asleep he entered the throne room and was able to steal the Master bolt and the Helm of Darkness because, in their arrogance, the Olympians were caught off guard. He joins Annabeth in her quest to go into the labyrinth to find Daedalus' workshop. He bided his time and began to have dreams of Kronos. Many girls are attracted to him, even an Empousa named Kelli. [22]Jake Abel as Luke.Added by SayuriDarling. Warning: Slash. Percy points out that Luke was able to take on the Titan's curse and then tricked Annabeth into taking the sky and then used Annabeth to lure Artemis into taking the sky from Annabeth and Poseidon says that Luke is an isteresting case before being distracted. Luke's scar was inflicted by Percy rather than Ladon, the dragon in the Hesperides garden. In the first two books, The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters he looks as always did in Camp Half-Blood, but come The Titan's Curse, he begins to look sickly and aged. Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief Annabeth has a crush on Luke during The Lightning Thief , and it is noted that she blushes a lot and tries to look her best around Luke, but it all evaporates after she learns the truth about his betrayal. In the end he is taken away by theFates, blessed by Hermes, and remembered and honored as a hero by not only Percy, Annabeth and Grover, but by all. It won't be easy - the gods and their fellow demigods won't let them just slip away without a fight - but Percy and Luke are determined. He was once the counselor of Cabin Eleven. He remembers the Prophecy and chooses Thalia to be its killer. Annabeth says that he would go to Elysium and Luke replies "Think … rebirth. Her loyalty only wavers when he leaves her there alone, holding up Atlas's burden, and walks away. Luke is assigned to aid Atlas with this. Luke has the ability to turn Kronos' scythe back into Backbiter, which Percy makes him do in a sword fight. According to Luke, he would have won, but underestimated his opponent and was outmatched. I would like to know anything you will have to say. He went on this journey, but failed and was scarred by the dragon guarding the tree, Ladon. Percy is the first-person narrator in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. The two refuse, prompting Luke to order his bodyguards to feed the trio to a Drakon. Luke carries the half Celestial bronze and half tempered steel sword called Backbiter. Luke betrays Percy by helping Kronos and the scorpion,the god ares was the god who has turned and was fought by Percy,failed to save mom but she saves herself ,Percy found the bolt and helm and returned it to rightful owners,and Kronos made his way to the throne room of the gods with Ethan Nakamura, destroying the city of Mount Olympusas he did so. He is portrayed by Jake Abel in The Lightning Thief (film). He was born in 1986., As Hermes is the god of travelers and the messenger of the gods, his children might be able to transport themselves in a way similar to the children of, As Hermes is the God of Thieves, he has the ability to steal things without other people noticing, like the Master Bolt or the, Luke is said to be a great fighter and swordsman ("The best in 300 years! When he was about seventeen, Luke was offered a quest by his father Hermes: to seek a Golden Apple at theGarden of Hesperides. For the largest part of the war, Luke is completely controlled by Kronos, with a few moments of wavering in the Titan's control. It is not mentioned what supernatural powers Luke has, but this much can be gleaned from what he is known for. In the film adaptation of The Lightning Thief, Luke is portrayed by Jake Abel. Luke himself has shown supernatural powers twice. This is most obvious when Luke becomes furious with Kelli for killing a boy in Seattle and when he indicates that he disapproves of Kampê's release, as she is too chaotic. To go back to your dad in triumph? And he also hates Hermes for abandoning him. When Annabeth talks about Luke, Jason wonders if Annabeth used to like him and whether Percy Jackson wasn't the only boy Annabeth ever liked. Poseidon later notes that the only way a non-Titan/God may take Atlas's burden is through their own free will and if they are a hero with great strength, a true heart, and great courage. Enraged, he ordered Percy and his friends to be killed. As Thalia was dying, Zeus took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree. Kronos has the ability to turn his scythe back into Backbiter, as he does in the final battle at Mount Olympus. Unaware of Luke's treachery, Chiron sends Percy, along with Annabeth and Grover, to find the Master Bolt in order to prevent a war. Hope you will all like it. From that point on, Luke lived at camp all year round, all the while slowly falling into darkness. Annabeth Chase is the 15-year-old daughter of Athena, and one of Percy's closest friends. He is not present at the Battle of the Labyrinth. Status of Relationship However, Thalia and Luke were childhood friends, bringing Luke hesitation to carry this mission out. [19]Hermes, Luke's father.Added by Darkcloud1111. Luke is later seen with Atlas when he summons Skeleton Warriors to hunt down Percy Jackson . Luke's role remains mostly the same throughout the movie, however Luke and Percy's final confrontation has changed. Self-effacing and generally unlucky, Greg is shocked when his lovably eccentric dad reveals to Greg that he’s a Dwarf — and that magic is coming back. He is the main antagonist of the Percy Jacksonseries. Though since The Lightning Thief, Annabeth showed great concern, loyalty, and admiration to Luke. See full bio » Kronos battles them in the throne room when they arrive, but Annabeth is able to catch Luke's attention, reawakening him, but only partially. Era hijo de Hermes, dios griego de los mensajeros, viajeros y ladrones, y la mortal May Castellan. Luke carries the sky in a plan to trick Annabeth into holding it after she was captured, which succeeds. Luke’s betrayal hits everyone hard, but Percy and Annabeth vow to track down Luke when they return to camp next summer. He was tricked by the Titan Kronos into hosting his spirit. Some wonder if Annabeth would’ve have chosen Luke over Percy if he survived The Last Olympian. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson characters. Eventually the group ran into Grover. He helps Kronos rise and practically helps destro… He also begins to wear Greek clothing, such as the chiton and thetoga (used as an over-the-shoulder cape). Luke then pleads to Percy to not let this happen again. Jason then wonders if Percy Jackson wasn't the only boy Annabeth had ever liked. Luke let Percy knock Backbiter into the hearth, leaving Luke defenseless. He is the main antagonist of the Percy Jacksonseries. They asked Thalia to join, and she refused, saying she couldn't leave Luke. Thalia's legs are trapped under the statue and the others continue on. After her battle with Luke, Thalia pledges herself to Artemis (though she had previously scorned the offer), in order to stop the prophecy from coming true through her, as she was only a few hours away from becoming sixteen. He's dead now." Apparently Kronos chose Luke to host him because he had a strong spirit. The plan was to later 'allow' Percy and Annabeth to take the Golden Fleece and heal Thalia's tree, so Thalia would be purged from it. Luke tells Percy of his bitterness and desire for revenge, as well as his allegiance to Kronos, saying that there will be a new "Golden Age" that Percy won't be a part of, before teleporting away. He makes an attempt to talk with Annabeth again at Antaeus' arena, but this fails when she and her companions escape. He is the series' narrator. As Thalia and Annabeth argue over his fate, Luke attempts to use the opportunity to try and disarm Thalia of her spear, but she instinctively kicks him off the cliff, something that causes her both guilt and grief. He is an actor and producer, known for Love & Mercy (2014), Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) and Supernatural (2005). He appears in The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, The Blood of Olympus, The Hidden Oracle and The Son of Sobek . Annabeth Chase When he is interrogating Percy for the Fleece infront of a pool (his army of monsters watching), Percy uses the pool to send an Iris message, tricking Luke into revealing the fact that Chiron was framed for the poisoning, resulting in Chiron being rehired (using the fact that he was in a panic due to Percy giving the Fleece to Clarisse). Luke is a son of Hermes. Although he is considered as the series’ main human antagonist, he died at age twenty-three as the…Read Post He was the head counselor at Hermes' Cabin. It is unknown how he survived the fall, although it may have been by Kronos's magic. Although his body is seen by both an approaching army of monsters and Percy, it is later revealed that Luke survived the fall. He and Atlas later use this to their advantage by forcing a captive Artemis to hold the sky in her place, and Luke is happy that Annabeth survives. At first, Clarisse was sent to find the Golden Fleece and save Grover from the cyclops Polyphemus but was interjected by Percy Jackson, along with a group of allies consisting of Annabeth Chase and Percy's half-brotherTyson. Percy gave the knife to Luke who stabbed himself in his Achilles heel, which is located under his left arm, close to the underarm. Luke later intercepts Percy and his friends when they are looking for a boat that they can use to get back to camp. He is the leader of this quest. However, in The Battle of the Labyrinth, Luke's healthy appearance returns as he gets closer to being taken over by Kronos.This is possibly because he bathed in the River Styx. He returned to the camp and according to his words, was treated with "pity" by the campers. Luke Quotes in The Lightning Thief The The Lightning Thief quotes below are all either spoken by Luke or refer to Luke. Luke is left lying on the floor, dying. When he questions whether or not Percy truly is the son of Poseidon, Percy uses the contents of several water towers and knocks Luke off the building and into the nearby ocean, leaving his fate unknown. Grover managed to escape from the burden when the time came. Canonical? Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, and he all were runaways from home, and made their way to Camp Half-Blood. Although he is considered as the main mortal series' antagonist, he died at age twenty three as a hero of the Great Prophecy. I'm the lightning thief. The nature of this encounter is unknown, but he was convinced to join Kronos's cause out of a desire for revenge. As Luke lays dying, he asks her if she'd loved him. Luke's relation with both his parents were a bit rough, implying that he was not close to them. Pairing: Percy Jackson/Luke Castellan. When he was about seventeen, Luke was offered a quest by his father Hermes: to seek a Golden Apple at theGarden of Hesperides from the tree. In 1995 when he was nine, Luke ran away from his mother's home in Westport Connecticut. She gives Percy Jackson his first riding lesson on a pegasus. When Percy opened his eyes, he saw Luke sprawled at the hearth. Annabeth later regrets her decision, something that becomes very clear when Hermes confronts her and blames her for Luke's fate. Percy and the gang escape through a lifeboat propelled by the thermos containing the four winds given to him by Hermes. Annabeth is shown to be very upset over Luke's betrayal and keeps trying to defend him, despite the many times he tries to get her killed. Percy JacksonPercy was Luke's worst and most feared enemy for a majority of the story, as he was considered to be the only one who could match Luke's skill with a sword, and the power he possessed.In The Lightning Thief, Luke welcomes a newly arrived Percy Jackson into Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth - Before Luke died, he asked Annabeth if she loved him, but Annabeth said that for her, he was like a brother. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Backbiter is reforged into its original form--the Scythe of Kronos. He swam in the River Styx, making him impossible to kill unless knocked in his "Achilles heel." Percy, Annabeth, and Grover look away, hearing an explosion and Kronos' fading screams. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In order to prevent Percy from interfering again, Luke takes Percy in the woods to 'look for something to fight.' This was the moment that Luke later envisioned to tie him to his human life when he bathed in the River Styx. In the end, she reveals to Percy that the prophecy had stated that she would "lose a love to worse than death," referring to Luke, who became possessed by Kronos. Once Kronos possesed him, Luke had the Titan Lord's abilities to control time around him and other people (chronokinesis), such as making time slow down. She states that she had always wanted to build something permanent, "a monument to last a thousand years," because every time she found a family, it fell apart almost immediately, like when Thalia was turned into a pine tree, and Luke betrayed her. It remains unclear if there has been any contact between the two at all. On the floor around him was a blackened circle of ash.

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